How I can help you

I can participate at any stage of your project. I believe that my versatility and my experience can be profitable to you. Working remotely or on site, in a team or on my own, everything is possible. Just describe your need via the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and some propositions along.

1. Management


Achieve great goals does not only requires individual talents but also a team spirit. I am experienced in recruiting, staffing and managing a team around a project, especially in a remote environment. I have developped my own processes and methods to make it smooth and efficient. I have worked on projects and teams following the Agile and Scrum principles, using cloud tools such as Redmine, Jira or Trello.

2. Art Direction


I was the Art Director at Playsoft during 4 years, defining and ensuring the visual quality of all the games in production in the company. I am experienced with franchises adaptation and know what it takes to inherit from an existing identity and adapt it to a new market, medium or platform. Generally I start by collecting relevant visual references, draw some rough ideas and mockups to propose several options. From there, when all the stakeholders agree on the direction, I iterate with more detailed artworks, either done by me or by concept artists, depending on the style, and then we can start the production.

I always begin from a solid ground, defining an assets list and quantifying the artwork volume and the resources required to produce them in time.

SingWizz - Facebook - 2011
Bladelords - iOs - 2012 - Facebook - 2012
Chamalo - iOs - 2012
Les Guignols - iOs - 2012
Dobble - iOs - 2011
Dora Dress-Up - iOs - 2011
3. Graphism


I also like to work on the low level aspect of creation. As a graphic artist I can do the following:


  • sketch concepts and roughs

  • draw and animate characters in 2D (vector, bitmap or pixelart)

  • draw and animate props, backgroundand and items

  • create a visual identity (mascotte, logo)

  • format, resize, edit 2d existing assets (technical art)

  • model and texture 3D low poly elements

  • create animated presentations




4. Creative Direction, Design


I have defined the creative direction on several titles. At a lower level, I can also create the game design documentation, in a modular way so it evolves during the game production. I can define the ergonomy and the user flow, thanks to my long experience on mobile projects. I have also good skills for storytelling in french: dialogs, descriptions, etc. I can also storyboard cinematics or user steps.

I also enjoy to work on the level design, applying game design rules as they have been defined. Learning a 2D inhouse editor is not a problem for me.


Les Pigeons Voyageurs - 2014
Funky Cops Pinball - 3D low poly
Ladysia - Gameboy Advance - 2001
modèles 3D pour un FPS - 2004
Sumobot - GameboyAdvance - 2001
Crash Bandicoot - J2me - 2004
Pixel art samples
Les Mystérieuses d'Or - Gamedesign
ADI l'Entraîneur - Storyboard
Crash Bandicoot - Level Design
Ladysia - Level design
Coalie Kiezer - User experience
LargoWinch - Level Design