Frequently asked questions...

There are many ways we can collaborate and it's important to share some common roots which we can agree on before to start an assignment. I am very flexible and can adapt my own methods to yours without any problem. What matters is the result: quality, satisfaction and deadlines. 


I am looking for an entire team, can you help ?

YES. Over the past years I have worked with people from all around the world in all kind of areas. Thanks to my network I know many talented specialists and setting up a team is something I am used to do. CODE, MANAGEMENT, ART, DESIGN, QA, TRANSLATION, STORYTELLING, etc...


I don't know where to start, can you help ?

YES. If you know only a little about games or mobile platforms, I will be more than happy to advise you and help you start from scratch. I can help you to conceptualize, quantify, estimate, quote, find ressources... Just contact me and we will figure out together what your needs are and how to come up with the best solution. 


Can you move on site to join our team ? 

YES it's possible. I like to travel and meet new people and energies. It all depends about where you are based and how much time you want me to stay. I don't need fancy hotels, the couchsurfing way is fine with me :) In any case, based on my experience, it's important to establish a strong relationship at the begining so we get to know each other for the sake of the project.


Can I pay you sharing revenues with you ? 

NO if it's the only way you can pay me. I cannot afford such collaboration and risk, sorry.



NO. I am not a coder though I get along very well with them. I am versatile and try to do as much as I can by myself but if I cannot handle your request, I will be delighted to direct you to the right person.